Sweet lemon and bergamot
Divine Gardenia
Stunning Ralph Lauren 
Gift box, gift card and gift all in one. 
If you'd like a tutorial, please let me know.

The stunning star burst candle in Lemongrass and coconut fragrance

Pillar candle

Starburst style palm wax, hexagonal pillar candle with gardenia fragrance.
This wax is so lovely in its crystallised look. I'm looking onward to making it in some soft colours.

Special orders

Baby cards, I believe, should be a keepsake.
My shadow frame easel cards are just that. Sit them on a shelf in baby's room, in matching decor colours, with little ones name being the main focus on the front of the card.
Not to mention special wedding cards that are a gift in themselves.
Here I've made what's known as an explosion box.....I make several different types and designs of these, all are equally stunning and a huge surprise for the recipients.

New name

So....Kezs' Cards is now Kezs' Cards and Candles.
Creating beautifully scented and presented candles really compliments my cards and gift tags, boxes and bags.
Candles are such a lovely gift for any occasion, and what better way to present them than in a hand made gift container accompanied by a hand made card or gift tag.