The quietness

As I sit here by my waterside home, watching the boats head out for the days recreation, Ive been contemplating how to use my craft for charity.
Now, I know i can't help everyone, however wonderful that would be, but, I think, if everyone did a little often, what a difference could be made to those struggling.
My thought is a small one, but could have a positive effect on many.
Im going to make birthday and Christmas cards for the Smith Family so they can be distributed to children and adults, elderly and sick, to bring just a little positivity into their day, and now that someone out here is thinking of them.
My daughter is sponsoring a child through Smith Family so she can go to normal school, have a normal uniform and a full tummy when she goes. How amazing.

If there are any crafters out there reading this who would also like to come on board, please contact me via the above button or my Facebook site, alternatively, leave a comment here.

Hi and thanks for stopping by.
So hot here at the moment and my candles don't like it at all, neither do I really, much prefer cooler weather.

So, my new logo is here! Im so happy with it, simple and to the point.

I also have a new craft space! twice the size as before, loads of room for classes and everything has its place. Thanks to my Steph for having a slight OCD (joke) so everything fitted in its spot perfectly.

My latest pour is Angelic Whispers, Black Raspberry and Vanilla and Chanel no. 5
all my fragrances come in 3 candle sizes, melts and reed diffusers.

reeds are $25  melts are 3 packs for $20 candles are $8, $15 and $20 with occasional specialty jars for $15
I love walking into my home and it smells so fresh and just cleaned. Melts are lovely gentle scents that permeate so well.

Have a great day