Hi and thanks for stopping by.
So hot here at the moment and my candles don't like it at all, neither do I really, much prefer cooler weather.

So, my new logo is here! Im so happy with it, simple and to the point.

I also have a new craft space! twice the size as before, loads of room for classes and everything has its place. Thanks to my Steph for having a slight OCD (joke) so everything fitted in its spot perfectly.

My latest pour is Angelic Whispers, Black Raspberry and Vanilla and Chanel no. 5
all my fragrances come in 3 candle sizes, melts and reed diffusers.

reeds are $25  melts are 3 packs for $20 candles are $8, $15 and $20 with occasional specialty jars for $15
I love walking into my home and it smells so fresh and just cleaned. Melts are lovely gentle scents that permeate so well.

Have a great day

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