Trying new things

Hello, and thanks for stopping by

Ive been trying a few new things lately where craft is concerned, gosh the research is so time consuming!
Many loooooong years ago I taught myself Macrame, well, to my delight, its made a huge comeback!! My house is currently being filled with it !
I have plant hangers in both bathrooms and the separate wc that hold cute little bowls with my reed diffusers and some fake greenery  to hide the jars.

I think they're so much better than just a jar with reeds sitting around.
The other two (which I've not photographed yet) are a lovely soft grey with gorgeous pink bowls.

Then I got a bit rope knotting happy and decided to make a wall hanging for my spare room.
Next on my list was to find a way to use up all my scraps of DSP from my paper crafting. So..... I was looking around youtube one afternoon and discovered paper bead making! I went and cut loads of strips of paper, making sure they tapered, and began. Naturally the first few dozen were pretty awful, but now I have the hang of it, I am off and running.  I managed to make a drying rack, courtesy of Julie Bolduc, I use wood hardener from bunnings to harden the beads, and I use vibrance glaze, courtesy of Janice Mae, however, this product is only available from USA and the postage is insane, I was lucky enough to find it in Queensland where I also found out she is not importing any more due to the cost. search ongoing for a new glaze.  Oh, and the bead cores I got from eBay.

Thanks so much for viewing my blog, and as I progress I'll post some tutorials as I now have a better set up with my camera. so many things that take so much time......
Have a gorgeous weekend.